Indoor or Outdoor Putting Greens by Southwest Greens in Your Backyard or home!  Tee lines, driving range turf, golf greens in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware!

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Princeton Putting Greens by Southwest Greens Delaware Valley

Whether for your backyard, driving range, golf store or simulator, our tee lines are the perfect solution for the serious golfer. We have padded golf mats that will hold a tee and provide realistic feel as the club moves though the turf and yet last for years even under the most demanding conditions. Our tee lines are a similar material and provide the same benefits while being permanently secured to various materials used for a base.

Our solutions are also perfect for golf clubs looking to provide an exceptional surface for the practice range. Your members insist on real grass for the range yet you can't always have the perfect hitting area on a heavily used range. With Southwest Greens you can have the perfect balance of realistic turf and year round heavy use. Our tee lines give you the opportunity to correct damaged tee lines without closing portions of the range during repairs.

For driving ranges and indoor commercial facilities we can create any number of solutions designed to minimize your yearly costs while maximizing your customer satisfaction. Your customers will enjoy a more realistic golf experience with Southwest Greens products.